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Triceps Workout at Home

Most people won’t believe you if you say the tricep is the biggest muscle in the arm, but indeed, it is. If you want arms that look like pythons, there is no doubt that you need to build your triceps.

In this article, we will examine how you can build monster triceps without even stepping foot inside a gym!

The triceps brachii muscle, or tricep for short, is the large muscle on the back on the humerus. It is principally responsible for the extension of the elbow. This large muscle make up about two-thirds of the muscle mass in the arm.

There is no doubt that having huge triceps can give the illusion of big arms - even if your biceps and shoulders are lagging behind. If you can’t get to the gym, or just want a quick workout for your triceps, there are a few great exercises for getting a good burn.

Pushups are one of the favorite tricep building exercises. Triceps are a lot like the bench press in that most of the lifting or pushing is done with the triceps. Pushups require very little space and can be modified in many different ways.

For pushups that target the triceps even more, try putting your hands right next to each other. These are called close-grip pushups. You can play around with the tempo of each push up (how fast you lower yourself and raise yourself), as well as your hand placement. For maximum results, keep your elbows tight to your body during all phases of the exercise.

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The second great tricep exercise for home is the dip. This can be performed on a chair, couch, or anywhere stable enough to hold your bodyweight. You will find that these really target your triceps - especially when you raise your legs up on another chair or object. The thing about dips is that there are so many ways to modify the exercise and make it easier or harder. This allows for continual improvement and bigger arms.

These two compound exercises are by far the best tricep exercises to do at home when you don’t have weights. But, sometimes you need something else to really destroy those triceps. Thats where side tricep raises, skull crushers, and tricep kickbacks come in.

The skull crushers and tricep kickbacks will require homemade weights or objects you find around the house. Milk jugs filled with water or sand make great replacements for dumbbells and soup cans can work if you require a little less weight.

A side tricep raise is performed by lying on your left side and putting your right hand in front of you near your face. With your palm down, slowly push your body up and then lower it. View the video below for a detailed explanation on how to gain muscle.

Remember, when doing the skull crushers and the tricep kickbacks, make sure to keep your triceps as close to your body as possible to really isolate the muscle. You can get a pretty killer tricep workout at home by doing just these few exercises - not having a gym shouldn’t stop you from building massive triceps!

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