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Best Triceps Workouts And Exercises

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Your triceps brachii makes up about two-thirds of your arm mass, making it the biggest muscle in your arm. Having big triceps therefore give the illusion of biggest arms and more muscle - even if your biceps and shoulders are lagging behind.

Working your triceps is critical for a defined and ripped arm. In this article, we will discuss some effective tricep workouts and exercises that you can incorporate into your strength training program.

Your tricep muscles benefit from heavy, low range repetitions as well as moderate, high range repetitions.

Because there are so many great tricep muscle building exercises, it can often be confusing as to which ones you should put into your routine. The routine below includes some essential exercises and ones that are guaranteed to grow your triceps:

Close-grip bench press 5 x 8
Skull crushers 4 x 12
*rest 2-3 minutes*
Dips 4 x failure
Cable pushdowns 4 x 12
*rest 2-3 minutes*
Standing tricep extensions 4 x 12
Dips 4 x failure

Done right, this workout should kill your triceps. It starts off with a heavy compound movement - the bench press. By moving your grip closer, you really isolate the triceps and use them exclusively in the movement. Immediately following the bench press, you perform the skull crushers. The skull crushers help fatigue the already burnt out muscle, which breaks down muscle fibers even more.

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After your recovery of 2-3 minutes, you will super set dips and cable pushdowns. Again, combining a compound movement with an isolation exercise ensures you are working all areas of the muscle. The last super set will no doubt be hard, but it will serve as one last chance to really break down the muscle fibers.

By super-setting these exercises you are working the muscle incredibly hard and forcing it to work beyond its normal capacity. As a side note, make sure you keep your elbows as close to the side of your body as possible, this will help isolate the tricep even more.

As always, it is critical that each workout you are challenging the muscle. Your tricep will only grow if it is continually forced to build new fibers and grow stronger. The principal of progressive overload is important to learn if you are to build a effective, solid tricep routine.

The principle of progressive overload is “the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise training” (Wikipedia). If you cannot make it to the gym, there are some effective tricep exercises that you can perform at home to make sure you don’t miss a day to overload the muscle.

At Home Tricep Workout

Triangle pushups 5 x failure
Chair dips 5 x failure
Side tri rise 4 x 20
Military pushups 4 x failure
Skull crushers 4 x failure

This is a great tricep workout that can be performed in a small amount of space and with almost no equipment. For the skull crushers, try filling up milk jugs with water or sand and using them as dumbbells.

Following these simple concepts and tips will help you workout your triceps like never before. Be sure to stay consistent in your training and recovery and you will soon have arms as big as pythons!

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