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Weight Gain Myths

There are several weight gain myths circulating the internet that all fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders should be aware of.

When researching information online, it comes at no surprise that you need to think critically and evaluate the source of the information. In this article I will discuss some popular weight gain myths and attempt to dispel them!

The first of the myths is one you’ve probably heard quite often. It goes something like this: eating after 9:00pm (or some set time) will make you gain weight because your body doesn’t use it for energy therefore it is stored as fat!

While this statement might seem true at first, if you think about it hard enough it is easily proved false. First of all, a calorie is a calories no matter what time of day you consume it.

What it you were to have your last bite of food at 9:01pm? Does this mean that this bite of food is automatically stored as fat? Of course not! Simply put, weight gain is a product of consuming more calories that you burn. For example, if you need 2500 calories per day but have only had 2000, then you have 500 calories to eat whenever you please in order to maintain your current weight.

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The second weight gain myth is one popular amongst college students - the freshman 15. This myth states that in your freshman year of college the average person gains around 15 pounds. This myth has recently been debunked. Even though freshman have been recorded to gain weight, it is around 3 pounds instead of the projected 15 in the myth.

The third myth is that having a cheat day will make you fat. This myth only applies to those who are currently following a nutrition plan, as those who are not will probably gain weight because they eat over their recommended daily caloric intake.

Contrary to popular belief, having a cheat day once a week or once a month is a great way to keep your body guessing. Increasing your calories once and a while is commonly known as a “refeed day”. Not only can it improve your weight loss, but it can also keep you sane while changing your lifestyle (and you get to eat tasty foods!).

We’ve all heard this last myth - that carbohydrates make you gain weight. This myth has been getting a lot of attention recently because of all the new low carbohydrate diets floating around. Make no mistake, low carbohydrate diets can be effective for weight loss. Unfortunately, make people think this means dropping your carbohydrates to a very unhealthy level.

The truth is, your body needs carbohydrates to function properly. They provide your body with the energy to perform everyday tasks. When reading on looking for a low carbohydrate diet, be sure to evaluate the source and think critically. After all, if its too good to be true, it probably is.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand these weight gain myths a little better and assisted you on your weight management journey!

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