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What Is Static Contraction Training?

Static contraction training has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. Endorsed by Tony Robbin and Anthony Hopkins, this method of training has people all of the world wondering if it could work for them.

So what is static contraction training? How does it work? Is it as effective as traditional training methods?

This article will discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about static contraction training and more!

First of all static contraction training is, by definition, a method of training in which you contract your muscles while stationary. Some examples of popular static contraction exercises are wall sits and planks.

These exercises do not require any concentric or eccentric movements (pushing or pulling), and rely only on the muscle being contracted for an extended period of time. According to the founder, Pete Sisco, static contraction training allows the individual to stimulate the muscles more effectively than traditional weight lifting methods.

He uses the example of a sprinter to help describe static contraction training. A sprinter can run much faster than a marathon runner, but the sprinter only works for about 10 seconds. If you compare the two bodies, a sprinter has much more muscle than a marathon runner’s.

Static contraction training is based on the principle that you only need to work for a few seconds at a time at maximum intensity to build muscle. Pete Sisco found that range of motion did not have any impact on an individuals ability to grow muscle, therefore his exercises are performed stationary or statically.

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His research consisted putting bodybuilders through a static contraction routine just twice a week. The workouts involved the lifters holding heavy weights (their one rep max or more) without any up or down movement. In his study, Pete found that after 10 weeks of lifting the test subjects:

- Increased static strength by 51.3%

- Increased their full range 1 rep max by 27.6%

- Increased their full range 10 rep max by 34.3%

- Lost 4.9 pounds of fat

- Added 1/2 inch to their biceps

- Added 1.1 inches to their chest

- Added 9.0 pounds of new muscle

I’d say, in 10 weeks thats pretty darn good! Static contraction exercises can last 7-30 seconds on average - but the founder and other performance coaches believe that a shorter work time produces the best results. This will invariably lead to less time spent in the gym each session and each week.

For a sample static contraction workout, try doing the bench press and the leg press. For the bench press, place 30-100% more on the bar than you would typically use. Press the bar up 1 inch and hold it for a count of 7 seconds (do not lock out). Add weight and repeat until you cannot hold the weight for 7 seconds. Do the same for the leg press and for each exercise, add 10-30% more weight the next time you try it.

Static contraction training can certainly have its benefits for bodybuilders and those wanting to build more muscle. Do you research and learn how to properly structure a static contraction workout for the best results.

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