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Why All Bodybuilders Need to Drink More Water

Water is something that is almost always neglected by lifters and bodybuilders when they make their meal plan. It is shocking that with so many positive effects on the body, bodybuilders are often dehydrated.

Understanding the role water plays in your body, as well as how it can affect your muscle training will certainly encourage you to drink enough water.

Along with understanding its role, I will tell you how much water the average person should consume per day and give you some helpful tips for getting the required amount.

Water, as you probably know, it vital for all life on earth. Without water, we would cease to exist. It covers 70.9% of the earth’s surface, and our bodies are approximately 55% - 78% water. We need water to function properly, and it is an important part of all the metabolic processes that happen in the body.

Getting an adequate amount of water during the day is a simple way to keep your one healthy and functioning normally. It also increases concentration and performance, and decreases hunger.

For bodybuilders, drinking enough water is a crucial part of building more muscle and lifting their best. Dehydrated lifters will often feel slow and tired, unmotivated, and unable to concentrate. Because of this, planning out your daily water intake could be very beneficial. We get a lot of our water from our food, but not enough to be considered healthy.

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The Institute of Medicine (U.S.) suggests that the average male consume at least 3 liters and that women should drink at least 2.2 liters a day. If you are exerting yourself more than normal, or are exposed to heat, you should increase this amount as needed.

Bodybuilders usually have a very strict nutrition plan, and this makes it easy to write in your recommended water intake. During each meal and snack, consume the proper amount of water and make sure that at the end of the day you have reached your goal. If you’re having trouble reaching your goal, you can use these tips below to fit more water into your schedule to help you gain muscle:

• Upon waking, quickly drink two glasses of water. It may be hard to remember at first, but once it become a habit you will feel that your concentration will improve and you will feel more awake. This is a great strategy for getting more water during the day because it is something you do as soon as you get up, and won’t be interrupted by something.

• Carry a water bottle with you everywhere. Take small sips every once and a while, even if you’re not thirsty. This will prevent dehydration and hunger.

• Try to drink water with all your meals. Cutting out coffee and pop from your diet will be extremely hard at first, but soon you will find that drinking water with your meals makes you feel incredible. Besides, its free and contains no calories!

Drinking more water is an excellent and cheap way to improve your performance in the gym and achieve the results you want. Not only will you feel great but you’ll look great too! 

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