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Why Using Lifting Straps Helps Grow Muscle

With all the different lifting gear and merchandise in the world today, it is often hard to determine what it worth buying and what it just a waste of money. Lifting straps are one of the few tools that can actually help you build stronger, bigger muscles.

This article will explain why using lifting straps is beneficial, how to use lifting straps, and what to look for when buying your first pair of lifting straps.

Lifting straps are designed to help you lift more weight without your grip giving out. This is obviously beneficial if you want to lift more weight and build bigger muscle.

Lifting straps are most commonly used for lifts like the row, the shrug, and the deadlift. These lifts targets your back muscles and a strong grip is crucial. When your progress begins to stall, using lifting straps can help you blast through plateaus and personal bests in developing a safe and effective weight lifting program.

It is also true that when performing heavy deadlifts, your forearms take the longest to recover. Using lifting straps will take your grip strength out of the equation and therefore work your forearms less. This will allow you to workout more frequently and efficiently.

It can be confusing when first start using lifting straps, and it may take a few test runs to find your comfort zone and get it right. There are many different forms of lifting straps but generally they are all the same and the same technique should be used regardless.

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Start by putting your wrist through the loop, then grab the bar normally. Wrap the strap around the bar and start by going underneath the bar - not over. Once this is done, you can grab the strap and roll the bar towards your body. Like I said, this may take some practice and getting the tension right is something that has to be experimented with.

If this explanation is something you just can’t picture, don’t worry! There are many detailed videos on the internet explaining how to use lifting straps. Sometimes a visual explanation works much better than a verbal one.

Finally, when purchasing your first pair of lifting straps you need to consider a few things. In most cases, the inexpensive strap made out of heavy cotton will be fine. As you get more advanced, you can look into padded lifting straps. These provide an extra layer of foam between the strap and your skin.

Most professionals agree that there is little advantage to using a more expensive leather strap over a cotton strap, but once again, stick with your personal preferences. Simple cotton straps will do well, so don’t worry about any fancy glove or hook attachments. There is little difference between manufacturers and models, so it would be in your best bet to search around for the best price.

In summary, lifting straps can help you increase your lifts, build muscle mass, and prevent your grip from holding you back. Remember to study the technique carefully, as you don’t want a 225lb barbell crashing to the ground! Finally, pick the lifting straps that feel the most comfortable and work for you.

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